WAX LIQUIDIZER Strawberry Cough Max flavors on herbal wax , oil ,concentrate


The sharp and fruity taste of a freshly cut Pineapple will make you think of hot summer days with every hit of your herbal oil, wax or concentrate.

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Enjoy An Incredible Vaping Experience With High Flavor!

Coming in a 15ml bottle size, this wax liquidizer takes just a few seconds to mix with your favorite herbal oil concentrate and turn into an incredible vape juice for you to enjoy.

It doesn’t contain nicotine or vegetable glycerin – doesn’t separate into layers when herbal extracts are added and it works with ALL your Vape Pens, Atomizers and Tankomizers.

Offering You The Cheapest & Best Quality Wax Liquidizer On ebay!

Extremely discreet and boasting a super strong and amazing flavor of strawberry cough, you will fully enjoy the most tasty and smooth vaping experience ever at the lowest price available!

What Are You Waiting For? Get Yours Today & Take Your Vaping To The Next Level!Add a hint of freshly-picked berries to your herbal oil concentrate and capture a favorite flavor of summer.

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Shipped in discreet packaging via USPS mail.

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Wax Liquidizer is a proprietary blend of ingredients including but not limited to Lab/Medical Grade Propylene glycol or PG. The ingredient PG is FDA approved as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) it is found in many items including Asthma Inhalers, pop/soda and ice cream. PG is approved for human inhalation by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

    • Does Wax Liquidizer taste like Marijuana Strains or Fruit / Herb Flavors?

Wax Liquidizer is designed to have a smooth non-overpowering taste of natural fruits or herbs (menthol) this provides a very discreet smelling cloud when vaping concentrates.

    • Is Wax Liquidizer diacetyl free?

Yes 100%

    • Is the original flavor – flavorless?

Yes there is no added flavor in the original

  • Flavors – Our flavors are not Marijuana Terpene based. Our product contains no Marijuana and is legal worldwide
  • Wax Liquidizer is Designed for making Vape Juice – Not for use in Edibles or Topical Creams.


    • What is the Mix Ratio for Concentrate to Wax Liquidizer?

1 gram concentrate to 2 milliliters of Wax Liquidizer is the recommended ratio. We do not recommend mixing anything stronger than a 1 to 1 ratio as it may not perform well due to the viscosity. Ratio’s of 3 to 1 can be used by those who enjoy vaping throughout the day.

    • Does Wax Liquidizer work with non-solvent concentrates like Rosin?

Bubble Hash etc? Yes it works great for Rosin. It is not recommended for concentrates that contain raw plant matter such as Bubble Hash and Kief as it will not liquidize plant/leaf matter.

    • Does Wax Liquidizer work with distillate?

Yes! It works Great with distillates.

    • Can I mix CBD Oil / Concentrates with Wax Liquidizer?

Yes – Wax Liquidizer works great with CBD!

    • Can I mix my Wax Liquidizer juice with my other e-juice?

e do not recommend this as it will separate shortly after you mix it.

    • Will it smell up my house / kitchen / microwave when I make it?

You may notice a faint smell but it will disappear very quickly.

    • After the mixing, how long does the e-liquid last?

After mixing a quality concentrate with Wax Liquidizer place the mixture in an air tight container and the solution will remain stable for 6 plus months.

    • Do not expose final mix to extended periods of heat and or direct sunlight – this may cause your vape juice to darken in color.
    • Will this dilute my concentrate and take away from my buzz?

Yes it will dilute the concentrate as you are adding to it. It is more like drinking beer than doing a shot. They both get you buzzed but a shot is less volume than a beer. However the increased efficiency from vaping and the lower temp on the concentrate is a huge benefit.

  • Do you have a conversion chart of concentrate strength vs. liquidized strength so i can measure my THC intake? We don’t have a chart like that, because all concentrates produced by different people are not identical in strength due to different strains, methods and product quality, but it’s really easy to figure out if your concentrate is tested.Lets say you are using shatter which has been tested at 80% if you are mixing it according to our recommendation 1 gram of concentrate will turn into 3ml of solution with total of 800mg in it. After that is done you can calculate how many hits it takes your device to go through that amount of solution(3ml) , than divide the number of hits to 800mg and you will get the exact amount of THC in every hit.


    • Can Wax Liquidizer be used in any vape pen? What are the best settings for my pen?

Yes you need no special pen, tank, or battery to use Wax Liquidizer. Always start at the lowest voltage… increase as needed. This is the best way to maximize your concentrate.

    • What is the best Wattage to use?

Due to the fact pens come with so many configurations, battery, coils, tanks there is no standard answer. Start at the lowest setting and build up to achieve the optimal hit/setting for your pen.

    • Will this work with thick Co2 Oil in o-pen cartridges?

Wax Liquidizer works great for this!

    • I made a batch of Concentrate with Wax Liquidizer and it is very harsh on my throat what is wrong?

If you are getting a harsh taste or burning sensation adjust the battery level to a lower setting to smooth out the vape.

    • My liquid is turning dark brown… is this normal?

Usually the oil is turning darker when the atomizer that you are using is not compatible with your tank, most of those cartridges are made to be used at the lowest setting available

    • Do not expose final mix to extended periods of heat and or direct sunlight – this may cause your vape juice to darken in color.
    • Why is my Vape Juice Solution turning green?

The only time we have seen the oil turn green after mixing is when using a low quality concentrate, the concentrate might look dark brown initially but when you dilute the color becomes lighter and you can see that your concentrate was dark green/brown to begin with and dilution made it more visible. Only other time when dilution will change color is when the atomizer being used isn’t compatible with the battery, but in those cases the solution usually turns darker not lighter.

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What is Wax Liquidizer

Cannabis vape juice cartridges are among the newest trends in cannabis at this time. In some instances, there’ll be a little wax collected at the middle post but, in comparison to other wax atomizers, the CCELL coil makes the most effective use of concentrates. All PH lamps aren’t ordinary. They are popular among design, class and style lovers across the world.


Vape pens are an excellent way to discretely enjoy cannabis whilst on the go. Vaporizer pens give the ultimate cannabis experience only because they deliver. You are able to use our cannabis comparison tool to discover the best prices in your town. You may use our marijuana price comparison tool to locate the very best Denver marijuana prices or deals in your town of the country. At this point you have full charge of the practice of producing the liquids or concentrates you desire. If a hefty load of wax is critical to your experience, put money into a model that positions the air holes toward the surface of the chamber in order for the leakage is not as likely. One of the most frequent types of concentrates is known as wax.


Wax is largely made from rosin. Our wax doesn’t contain polymers. With Wax Liquidizer, you can commence vaping wax employing any normal vape pen. So, the ideal solution is to turn wax into e-juice by means of a wax liquidizer. Wax which is used with strips cannot be recycled as it can’t be removed from the strips.


The oil could be further refined. You have to search no further to work out how to generate your very own herbal oil. Now you are aware of how to create hash oil for vape pens.


The Honest to Goodness Truth on Wax Liquidizer

Fortunately, there are lots of dispensaries offering better-than-average deals.  Typically, only a small quantity of cannabis is required to supply relief from nausea. Turning cannabis concentrates into a liquid includes a plethora of advantages. Purchasing the cannabis e-juice might not be readily available yet you’ve realized that dabbing wax isn’t the ideal experience you desire. CBD dabs may also be utilized with an e-rig, or with a normal vape. In the majority of instances, your wax atomizer won’t need to get replaced but simply cleaned. If you often vape, you’ll likely experience a leaking wax atomizer sooner or later.


If you’re interested in wax liquidizer, AliExpress has found 806 related outcomes, so you are able to compare and shop! Wax Liquidizer won’t work nicely in sub-ohm tanks. Wax Liquidizer comes in six flavors and they also provide a wax to e-juice mix kit on their site. Wax Liquidizer stands besides the competition in many facets and is a brand I wished to stand behind and be part of. Additionally, Wax Liquidizer provides you a variety of great flavors that it is possible to pick from to bring your vaping experience to a different level. Wax Liquidizer can be utilized in just about any vape pen or tank. Wax Liquidizer enables you to create the perfect hash oil or concentrate-infused vape oil that isn’t available previously.


Finding Wax Liquidizer

If you would like to discover the best prices, the very best strains and the very best quality, comparison shopping is vital. Of course, when you’re savvy shopper, you can nearly always find superior deals. Naturally, marijuana prices are alike in lower quantities. Luckily, you can save by comparing prices at unique dispensaries in the place. Over the last few years the amount of rosin has increased dramatically thus pushing the amount of wax higher.


Bear in mind, not all marijuana products are made equal. There are two major brands that seem to represent a lot of the market for wax liquidizers, 710 and Wax Liquidizer. The product has quite a higher customer retention rate. Wax Liquidizer products arrive in a selection of flavors.


The Hidden Treasure of Wax Liquidizer

In case the concentrate is BHO or PHO based it’s going to supply the best outcomes. Concentrates such as Kief which have a more dull look on account of the fact they still contain plant matter aren’t advised for the best outcomes. Generally, non-polar cannabis extracts taste far better than polar extracts. Now you’ve liquidized your herbal concentrate it is possible to use it in your private vaporizer or diffuser. Possessing a top-shelf concentrate and utilizing a wax pen can be quite discouraging.


Soft drinks utilize propylene glycol. Turning concentrates to vape juice is a really cost-effective alternative for people who consume cannabis on a standard basis. The do-it-yourself recipe to earn vape pen cartridges from wax concentrates is really quite easy and can be explained in a couple of easy steps. Mix in a very small bit of flavor if you prefer. Smell is the simplest approach to give away your garden, and there are simple measures you may take to prevent it from occurring. You may see a faint smell. however, it will disappear very fast


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